Cinque Terre

This weekend we went on a long hike to a place called Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre is in northern Italy near La Spezia.

The Cinque Terre looked very long with lots of steps and it looked very sunny. We saw good views of the great blue sea and all of the towns.

In the Cinque Terre there is 5 towns: Rio Maggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare. My favourite town of the Cinque Terre was Corniglia because it was beautiful and the food was good.

People who do the Cinque Terre normally do it in 1 day but we did it in 2 days and it is 15 Km.

On Saturday we woke up to do the Cinque Terre and walked down a hill, crossed very bushy football pitch (which hadn’t been played on since 2009 according to a calendar on the wall of a changing room) to get to the town.

Old football field

We went to the Tourist Office to get a map and they said it is too rainy and the paths are closed so we had some pizza and went back to Frosty to play Monopoly.
The next day was beautiful, sunny and it was as warm as a nice hot day in Sydney! We walked up a hill and I lead all the way down to Manarola where I had a peach juice and a chocolate cannoli (a little pastry thing filled with chocolate).

We moved on to a town called Volastra where we met an Aussie from Victoria and an American from Colorado. The American was very nice so she gave Abbie a piggy back because she was struggling up a tough hill which was going up to Volastra where we were having lunch. Abbie, Mummy and I had a calzoni with a drink and Daddy had an achieve sandwich. After lunch we went down to Corniglia where we had an Ice-cream.

Cat in Corniglia

We looked around the town looking for somewhere to sleep. We asked a woman and she said that all of her rooms were full but sister’s wasn’t so she called her sister and said she would be here in 5 minutes because she lives out of town. She arrived in 5 minutes and showed us our rooms. She said it was 80 Euro a night for a room with 1, 2 person bed and 1, 1 person bed. We disagreed because there wasn’t enough room so online casinos she said I’ll give you 2 rooms for 50 Euro each so we took the deal.

We went out for a drink and met some Aussies and Americans. Mummy and Daddy talked to them while Abbie and I played around.  We had dinner which was pizza and went to bed.

The next day we got up and had breakfast. We started our hike off through an olive orchid and a nice wildlife walk. In an hour we were at a town called Vernazza.


We had a drink and kept on walking to Monterosso which was 2 hours away. On the way there we met some more Aussies and their names were Chris and Lyn. We talked with them until we got to Monterosso. When we got there we decided to have lunch together.

We had lunch and went to the train station and bought tickets for Rio Maggiore. The problem was the next train was in 45 minutes and the train was here. Thinking weren’t going to make it we raced down into the subway and up the other side and jumped on. It was actually delayed for someone with their ticket not working. We said goodbye to Chris and Lyn through the window. The train got to Rio Maggiore and we got off. We had an Ice-cream and walked back up to Frosty.

I really liked the Cinque Terre and I would recommend it to anyone who likes hiking and seeing lots of villages.

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