Edam Cheese Markets

Edam Cheese markets

Edam is in the north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The cheese markets include markets and a festival. The markets sell cheeses, weigh cheese and you get to guess the weight and the closest gets 2 big cheeses and they offers cheese to taste.

They were selling cheeses that were called Edam and Beemster. Me and daddy tasted Beemster and it was sensational. So we decided to get some. They wore traditional costumes from 100 years ago that people wore in the Edam area.

A pretty lady who is a well-known Dutch actress opened the gates by ringing a bell which started the markets.

There is a cheese drill that that gives you slices of cheese to taste. There were also me clapping their hands because they want to do deals about buying cheese.

I enjoyed the markets because we got to get in the cheese spirit, we got to buy cool things, taste cheese and we got to have a fun time.

Edam is known for its cheese around the world. The cheese markets started in 1526 by Charles the fifth granted Edam the right to the Wagg (weighing house) and, in 1576 William of Orange granted the righto the Wagg in perpetuity.

First the cheese gets delivered by boat or horse. Next the cheese is laid down by the cheese carriers. Then it gets sampled by a cheese drill. This is not a cheese drill it is a drill that drills in cheese. Then it gets sold.

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