Food and drinks in Europe


In Germany, we have eaten some meat like dried sausage, and the thing that bugs me is when you need to peel off the skin, but it never goes off. Dried sausage is very good but I do like cooked beef sausage the best.

There is raspberry lemonade in Germany and it has a sweet taste about it but I like it.


In France I have loved croissants because they have sweet and lovely buttery taste. I like baguettes because they are big bread sticks and they go well with ham and cheese. We also like crepes with lots of spreads like chocolate, jam, sugar or ham and cheese. There is a cool drink called diabolo which is lemonade mixed with all these different flavours like peach, lemon, orange and apple.


In Spain we have eaten paella, paella is a rice dish with meat or fish. There are different types of paella like vegetable paella, seafood paella and meat paella. We have been to the markets to buy some fresh fruit and vegetables and daddy made me look at the horrible meat. We have tried tapas, which is little dishes of different foods like sausages, potatoes, tomatoes, anchovies and chorizo.


In Portugal we have eaten lots of seafood like mussels, clams and prawns. In Portugal there is yummy Fanta.Fanta is a fizzy drink with lots of different flavours like grape, strawberry, lemon and orange. My favourite Fanta is strawberry.

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