Hello everyone we have travelled through Germany and now I am in Colmar just on side of France, in Germany it has dropped to -12 in Germany!/day 1. on our first day in Germany the river that we stayed froze overnight and in the morning we through rocks at the frozen river my daddy through a mas massive rock in the ice and it cracked./day 2=Next we went to a campervan campsite in goettingen in the morning we went to the pool in the reservation  we swam in the pool for 2 hours and in the pool they was 2 waterslide they was one that you had to go down on a rubber doughnut slow and one you just slide down.

This is me nearly at the top of a big mountain were they is a big cross  it was a very steep when we came up and if we slipped on the side you will fall straight down on the edges.

I have been to all these l0vely places but I am a little bit worried about places I don’t  like

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