Lake Bled in Slovenia

On Thursday we went to lake Bled which is the oldest lake in Slovenia. We stayed at a campsite on the edge of lake Bled.

I thought our campsite that we stayed in was fantastic because it had a big, long trampoline, a beach volley court, a basket ball court, canoes to go canoeing in lake Bled, a coarse for little “go carts” and an  archery range were you shoot“ bows and arrows.” When we got to our campsite we went for a walk around lake Bled. When we were walking I tripped on a tree stump and fell over but I was alright.

I got back up and walked around the corner and saw these amazing artworks from an artist whose name is Bobi. We thought the paintings would be a good souvenir for Frosty and then we talked for a while about when he saw a bear, and after that he painted a picture of us and him on the back of the picture.

The next day daddy and I went canoeing in lake Bled. We went to the middle of the lake which is a island. So we starting walking and looking at the fish and you know what we saw”a catfish!” Daddy tried to get a picture of it but the ducks scared it away, even though it could’ve eaten the ducks. It was about 50 cms, with creepy, spidery whiskers that scared me.

We kept walking and then we saw a swan nesting and then we saw another swan cleaning itself and staring at us. Daddy said swans like to eat dandelion leaves and we got some dandelion leafs to feed the swan and when I put it close to the swan it nipped at the leaves and I got a fright.

Then we walked back and then canoed to the Bled city where mummy and Abbie were shopping for an anniversary present for daddy. We couldn’t find them so we decided to find a steel anniversary present for mummy. Then we found them and went back to the canoe so Abbie and mummy could have there turn at canoeing and we walked back.

We walked past Bobi and said “zivijo” ( it means bye if you are walking past someone in Slovenian). Then we were at home and I bounced on the big, long, bouncy trampoline with some kids. Then a 12 year old girl called Nisha offered to play with us and we played with her by playing chasing games and doing tricks.  My daddy said that it was time for dinner. Then we went to go to bed.

The next day we walked around a little bit and then we decided to go to a different campsite. On the way we got a key ring koala that you can put on your keys. I gave Bobi the koala key ring because he was a lovely man. Then he told us that 10 years ago someone from Australia gave him a mini boomerang but 1 month ago it broke and he was devastated so It was lucky that I  gave him the koala key ring.

Then he drew us a lovely picture of me and him together and gave it to me. Then we went to a campsite.

If you come to lake Bled you should say hello to Bobi and get to draw a picture of you and say hello from James.

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