Sydney – 17,412kms

More than 2200 kms already!

Well, since January 24th when we picked up our van, we have driven from the far north of Germany to the south -west of France.   We arrived in Flaujagues a few days ago, home of Dave’s sister and husband, to the luxury of hot showers and a washing machine. I have to admit that before our arrival here, times were getting a bit challenging for me, not knowing when our next hot shower would be, hair like a permanent birds nest, dirty washing coming out of our ears and just a general feeling of filth. Trivial I know, but creature comforts are hard to break free from.

Aside from the dirt, we do seem to stick out like sore thumbs and are stared at wherever we go. I am not sure whether it is because :

a) Dave is wearing shorts in 3 degrees.

b) We are a bit ‘on the nose’ after days sans douche

c) We are still quite tanned from an Aussie summer, although that could be mistaken for dirt

d) we are not French

After a little bit of luxury and clean bodies and clothes, we felt that we could move on to the coast for Dave’s birthday.  We set off for Mimizan plage, a lovely little coastal town which was buzzing with life the last time we came in Summer 2008.  A very different and much quieter story this time, though lovely all the same. We were quite surprised to find loads of other campervanners in the Aire in which we were staying and found ourselves conversing in French and German all over the place.  2 campervans had especially friendly folk and between them managed to sort out our hot water problems. meaning that we could have a hot shower for more than 10 seconds and we didn’t have to go to Hymer to get our van fixed. We also left there today with a  complete map of Spain from our new “potte” Maurice and some great advice about places to go and to avoid. Maurice should know as he has been on the road with his wife for 2 years!

As well as meeting some nice people, we also enjoyed spectating monstrous surf, pretty sunsets, brisk jogs in the morning and our usual fun times together.  School is going well for the kids although I am still finding my way not being used to teaching Maths, English, Science PDHPE and Art, but we will get into a routine soon enough.Thanks to Dave, we have managed to sort out a few of our van challenges, making life ever more comfortable every day. It is amazing what the addition of a glass wine glass and a makeup mirror can do for my spirits!

Sydney – 17,412kms
Sydney – 17,412kms
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