Provence -Fontaine de Vaucluse

Provence – Fontaine de Vaucluse

On Saturday we arrived in Provence in France and we were all excited to see our Granny and Robert for Mummy’s birthday.

We found a parking spot on the grass for the night. That night we noticed that a party was on at the main square and so we joined in. Then Granny and Robert arrived and we all had dinner.

The next day we went to Avignon and had lunch there. Avignon is a pretty place not far from where we were staying.

The next day we went to Fontaine de Vaucluse in Robert’s car. We tried to find the source of the river. The river was as green as a bush.

Then around the corner daddy and I found it. When the water was fully up where we were stood would’ve been about 20 metres deep.

Daddy, I and Abbie were in our swimmers and we all had a swim in the gorge. First Daddy jumped in, then I saw him breathe in the air so that meant that it was colder than I thought. I was trying to get in but I couldn’t and I was standing there for a long time while Daddy was counting me in. Finally I jumped in and quickly got out again. Now it was Abbie’s turn to go in but she only put her feet in.

Then we had an ice cream and my flavour was rich white chocolate.

We went back home. We had a lovely time in Provence.

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