The Large Hadron Collider

Yesterday we were in Geneva, Switzerland. In Geneva we went to the Large Hadron collider which is the biggest science project in the world. It is a 27 km underground tunnel – a bit like a giant, metal donut. They fire tiny Atoms around it and watch and study the little pieces that break off the Atoms when they smash into each other.

I’ve been reading a book and it is in Antarctica with a degree of – 80 which is mighty cold. But inside the donut it is -271 which the coldest place in the Solar System and we were 100 meters away from it.

They are also studying about these special wormholes that stuff go in one side and then you come out the other side and you are in a completely different time and place. I don’t think they exist but the scientists believe there’re out there, somewhere.

I thought it was interesting because they are copying the Big Bang

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