My Swiss Hike

On Sunday in Switzerland Daddy and I set off for a long hike. We got the cable car up from Lauterbrunnen to Grutchalp and saved an hour. We didn’t cheat on when we got the cable car up beause we still had 5 1/2 hours to go.

On the top of a mountain we had a break and a muesli bar. When we were up there we could see 3 famous mountains: Jungfrau, Eiger and the Mönch.

We walked down the mountain and had lunch in a restaurant. For lunch I had Rösti which is a plate of fried potatoes with a Sprite. Daddy had a chicken and salad sandwich and an Ice tea.

We were nearly there when I saw some little faded steps. We thought it was a shortcut We walked up an hour and we decided it wasn’t a shortcut. Then we saw a fence. We walked up about 30 minutes and got to the fence. We had to duck under the fence because it was barbed wire.
We ducked under the fence and we saw a hut. We thought it was Rotstockhutte  ( our hut ). We went down a little and saw another hut. We were confused so we headed down to a sign. The sign said Rotstockhutte 30 minutes in the direction where the second hut was. The hut was amazing it had grey brick all over and beautiul bright red shutters which stood out.

At the end of our hike we saw 2 cute little marmots playing around. We decided to sneak up on them but when we went closer they scooted down their holes.

We got to the hut and I had a strawberry milkshake and Daddy had a beer. We also played animal lotto. We had dinner. Dinner was potato soup ( starter ), salad ( entree ) and chicken with rice ( main course ).

The next day we got up early, had breakfast and headed down to Murren.  On our way there “our eyes were peeled for marmots”and we were both keeping quiet so we could hear the squeaky sound the marmots use when a  a human is coming so all their marmot friends go down their burrows. Then Daddy saw something. I thought they were marmots but they were actually an animal that is half deer and half goat. They were called Chamois. Daddy went down to get another closer picture but they ran down the hill.


We moved on and had a break where a hunter was. The hunter had a big black gun and a long brown cigarette which was longer than Cadiz. If you don’t know what Cadiz is, she’s a very very small hamster which is as small as a big apple.

The hunter was hunting for the Chamois in the direction that we came from,  so it’s lucky that we scared them down the hill otherwise they would’ve got shot.

We worked our way down to Murren. We were going to do a Via Ferrata which is a cliff walk where you are clipped in because in some bits its 600 metres on the left side and 800 on the right! We couldn’t do it because there wasn’t a harness small enough for me.

We were waiting for the cable car to go home but we were disappointed because when we got back we would be bored and didn’t know what to do. Then ,Daddy asked “Do you want to go paragliding?” and I said yes. The problem was, we had to get the cable car down to Gimmelwald, a cable car to Stechelberg, a bus to Lauterbrunnen, two trains to Grindelwald and a cable car to First. When we were up there, we got into our suits and took off. It was fantastic. We took pictures of us. We struggled to get down because I was very light but we got there. We payed them, thanked them and went back home.

My favourite part of the hike was when we slept in the hut and when we went paragliding because it was like flying like a bird! I also liked the hut because it was cosy.

This a was our bed with 3 others

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