Norway by James and Abbie

Norway by James and Abbie


Norway is in the North of Scandinavia next to Sweden.  We stayed in Norway for 2 ¹\² weeks.

In Norway we visited cities and Fjords called Bergen, Hardangerfjord and Oslo (the capital of Norway).

We did long hikes, saw our friends from Australia and saw big Glaciers and waterfalls. On one of the hikes we had to hike up 3 mountains to get to the end. At the end there was a boulder stuck between two cliffs with a massive drop on either side. On some bits we had to hold onto a chain otherwise you would fall backwards and hurt yourself. When we were there Daddy stood on the rock between the two cliffs and Mummy took a picture.

Climbing up
Climbing up

The weather in Norway is just rain or snow or if you are lucky you might get a rainbow with some sun. My favourite part of Norway was when we went on hikes because they were very long and fun.

In Norway we ate reindeer stew which was as yummy as 50000 bars of Daim chocolate.  The other foods were a moose burger and disgusting herrings which is a type of fish. We all so ate pot noodles in Norway because Norway is such an expensive country.

My favourite memory is when the wind howled like a wolf and rocked our van like a volcano erupting in Bergen. Our next destination will be Sweden.


We went to Norway. Norway is in northern Europe and it is part of Scandanavia we were Norway for 2 1/2 weeks.

We visited lots of places, Bergen Hardangerfjord,oslo we went on lots of diferent hikes and we saw our friends. We also saw some waterfas coldalls and glaciers the wather was could and rainy. Daddy and I saw a rainbow next to a waterfall and it had lots of different colours.

My favourite part about Norway was the big rainbow because I love rainbows.

Perfect rainbow
Perfect rainbow

I ate moose, herrings and pot noodle. The herrings were more disgusting than a slimy slug. The moose was weird but the pot noodles were yummy.

I liked the glaciers and if you don’t known what a glacier is, it is a river of ice.

Next we are going to Sweden.

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