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Keeping fit in Europa


It is no surprise to most of you that we lead an active lifestyle. Whether it is going to the gym, going for a surf, doing yoga at the surf club or just running down to the beach for a swim, we are always doing something of a physical nature. Not to mention our regular walks with Molly and all of the stuff that the kids do.

It was therefore a little daunting to think how we could possibly get into an exercise routine whilst not being in a routine of any sort for one year, let alone being in a place long enough to get to know what is around.

I thought that it was worth mentioning how we have been going so far, in case you were thinking about such an adventure and wanted to keep fit!


Has been by far the best form of exercise for Dave and I. One or both of us gets out most days for a morning jog around the area where we are staying and I have to say that it has been so enjoyable to run around all sorts of places: running through little towns, around vineyards, through deep snow, along the beach front or more recently up a mountain and back in sleet and rain! It has been so invigorating to find yourself in a completely different place each time, listening to tunes and even singing at the top of one’s voice as there is no one around to listen! And such a good way to start the  day! Only problem for me is that I sometimes lack the discipline to push myself as hard as I should, resulting in more of a run/walk walk/run rather than a full on hard core run… and without the likes of PT Petrina or gym instructor Nicki, I am missing someone to push me to my limits!

Push up challenge

The four of us started this just over a month ago. This means that we do a set of push ups and now also sit ups every day for 100+ days, each day doing one more than the day before. Dave and I are on 35 push ups and sit ups today and the kids are onto 25. I have also started a plank and side plank for the same amount of seconds. Sure, we miss the odd day, but always do double the next day! Harder part is to try to contort oneself so that we fit in our very tiny corridor through the kitchen!

Kids parks

Have been a surprisingly good place for a stretch, tricep dips and chin ups! And in Spain, there is a kids park in every village! In some places we have been lucky enough to come across adult exercise parks, which have been the closest thing to circuit training that I have found.


In the town where we have been staying, David found me a gym around the corner. I have been twice for €6 each time and have done a pump class and pilates. Luckily the international language of Les Mills got me through the pump class without any problem and I left having learnt how to count backwards from 10 in Spanish! Pilates, however, proved more difficult with the language barrier, though I managed to breathe in and out at the right time!


Dave managed a surf in the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean this week in Cádiz. More impressively, he managed also to hire a board and wetsuit for the experience. Waves weren’t crash hot, though I think he just appreciated getting back into the salt water after so long.

Incidental exercise

Is in abundance! On a daily basis, we would walk a few kms to get here or there, check out a city or town or just walk to the local supermarket. Once we have parked up our van, walking is our main form of transport and fortunately the weather has been kind to us so far! We have considered hhhave been on long hikes and even hit the slopes for a week of skiing!

Other bits and bobs

Our garage is full of exercise equipment! We have skipping ropes, soccer balls, yoga mats, roller blades and hand weights to keep us busy.  A bit hard though to get the yoga mat out at the moment when there is wet grass around. Maybe more towards Summer!

Suffice to say, there is plenty of opportunity to get out there and get fit! The key is to strike while the iron is hot and not be tempted to roll over and go back to sleep! Easier said than done when it is dark and freezing outside! The other great thing is that every day presents a different form of exercise, so there is no getting bored or body getting used to it! And more importantly, it is mostly FREE!

Of course, the other thing to be mindful of is diet and probably the most challenging of all with copious amounts of bread, cheese and wine at our disposal BUT all in moderation! We have no intention of returning to Australia twice the size! XXXX

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