My Birthday!

On my birthday I woke up and this annoying thing was waking me up and you know what, it was Abbie waking me up by banging me with a pillow, and then we opened my presents and I got a spinning thing that you can spin, and I also got a beach soccer ball that is soft when you kick it  and some rollerblades and a helmet, and then I got up and I had some breakfast.

Graham ,a guy who was next to us, gave me a magnifying glass, a little globe and a torch and it was a lovely thing to do especially even tho he did not know me.

Then we went to check what was outside and it was freezing and we could not see anything because we were at the top of a big mountain on are own and then at 10:30 we went to Ronda in Spain and we went to check it out and walk into town we saw all these amazing things like the world famous bridge that they used to chuck the bad people off the bridge and another great thing was the bull ring that they used to more bull fighting but they still do it sometimes, and I went on the bull pitch and crossed through the pitch and daddy was trying to scare me by saying “ James the bull is coming!” and it was a joke.

Now we are heading to Cádiz in Spain and we are going to meet my daddies brother tomorrow and me and Abbie are very excited because we love marky and we are going to have a sleepover with him.

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