Leaving Spain

It was starting to get cooler as we headed into the Northern part of Spain so we picked up the pace heading for the Alps where cool temperatures were welcome!

IMG_8757 (2)Another windy road through the hills (thankfully we hardly saw another car) revealed some lovely scenery as we crossed back over to Spain with a few road blocks along the way

With no destination in mind, we aimed for the west coast looking for a beach to park up on.  The first spot looked idyllic but on closer inspection appeared to be a nudist beach so we moved swiftly on!  5 minutes down the road, we found a the most basic of campsites – basically a guy’s backyard with hoses and waste water facilities.  Beachfront site for 6 Euros a night and we met some lovely Germans who we may well catch up with later on in the year.

Next we headed to the north coast to a top class aire, right on the clifftop.

IMG_8773 (2)Great spot for a beach comb and morning jog but, sadly, also the scene of my first accident.

IMG_8771 (2)Reversing back as we were leaving, I couldn’t see properly though the condensation on the windows and hit the wall behind us.  So annoyed with myself.  Anyway after some tinkering and replacing bulbs we have working lights and the plastic is crudely glued and taped back up.  Should be OK for the rest of the trip.

We then put some serious kms behind us and aimed for ‘Los Picos de Europa’ mountain range in the north of Spain.

But we got into a bit of a pickle – deserves its own post here – http://eurotrip2014.com.au/trapped/

Anyway we emerged unscathed and even returned to the picos the next day, taking the funicular up to a car-free village in the heart of the mountains…

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