The Itinerary

We’ve done a few roadtrips in the past and I’ve been guilt of overplanning – researching routes, destinations and accommodation for every step of the way.  I actually quite enjoy doing it and it settles my anxiety about going somewhere and missing the best bits!

For a 1 or 2-week holiday, it sort of makes sense as you don’t have the luxury of time to amble about and check stuff out as you wander – doing so may mean you miss the best attractions, take the less scenic route or have to rush a section as you didn’t allow enough time.  A day ‘wasted’ might be 20% of your trip!

However with 12 months and no set time points, it’s very different.  We can afford to take it as it comes and I’ve been resisting the urge to overplan as I usually do.  However curiosity, excitement and pressure from friends and family (‘Let us know where you’re going to be so we can catch up…’) has resulted in a rough plan being drawn up after all.

Here it is in Google Maps – and also below


So the rough plan is

January – arrive Paris 17th Jan, pickup motorhome in Hamburg 24th, down to Flaujagues and sort visa for Chelle

February – Pyrenees for a ski then round Iberian peninsula to keep warm!

March – finish off Spain then across to the Alps for a 2nd bout of skiing (when it’s 1/3 the price of Australia and 3x the snow, we have to make the most of it!)

April – Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic & Germany

May – Back through the Alps for spring/summer and Sound of Music shennanigans

June – Sth of France for Chelle’s birthday (a big one!), Provence etc.   This will also be where Chelle & the kids will be installed while I… ahem… nick off to Rio for the World Cup!

July – Getting warmer so we’ll head North up through France, via Abbeville our old stomping ground, up through Belgium & Holland

August – head East across Germany to Berlin and then head down, yet again towards the Alps

September – enjoy late summer in the Alps and squeeze in a quick mountain climb (Monch & Jungfrau), then onto Italy

October – Italy month down to Siciliy and back hoping we’ll cope on the renowned dodgy roads (in our 8m behemoth)

November – keeping South around the French riviera as the weather gets cold

December – back up to drop the wheels off in Hamburg before they shut for Xmas.

Then we’ll make our way over to the UK where we’ll try to see as many people as possible and spend Xmas in the Wirral with the family.

Will be interesting to see, in 12 months time, how our actual route matches up.  We’ve reminded each other many times that everything is open.  We can take as long as we want at each stage – move on every few days or every few months.

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