What I saw and thought of Auschwitz

The first thing we saw was the main gate which is the entrance to the camp. It had some words on it in German which were “Arbeit Macht Frei” which meant work will give you freedom.  But if they work so hard they would not be free so it is not true.

main gate
main gate

I saw these big barracks which had these rooms that were starvation cells that were pitch black. These are places where prisoners go into the cells and starve to death.

The people who were there got all their hair shaved off and the same stripy clothes every day.

I saw where the roll-call was. The roll call is when every morning the prisoner’s line up and get counted by the guards and if someone has escaped the prisoners needed to stand there until how long it takes to find the one who escaped. Sometimes it can take up to 12 hours of standing and silence.

where they did the roll call
where they did the roll call

I saw and thought how tricky and spikey it was when you are trying to escape when you’ve got someone watching you with a gun and electric barbed wire so if you try to escape you’ll get shot or get electrocuted by the spikes. If you escape then your family goes to the same camp and goes on display to show that’s what happens to your family if you escape.

Just imagine, 1,100,000 people hopping into a shower hoping to get refreshing water but instead of water they got gas. Or they were lined up and got shot instantly.

I felt sad to hear 1,100,000 people getting killed by torturous things. I also felt cross because they were these awful things. And I don’t know why they would do this.  I am really glad that I went to that camp because I have now learnt how horrible they were in those days.

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